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Bi-annual Household Jobs Checklist: Six-Monthly Chores to Keep the Home Tidy

Keeping track of six-monthly chores can be difficult. The tasks are important and need to be done, but it is easy to lose track of when they were last taken care of. Establishing a checklist makes sure that no important tasks are forgotten or overlooked.

It can also be helpful to associate specific tasks with some other bi-annual event, such as changing clocks for daylight savings, to provide a memory trigger.

gutter cleaning

Around The House

  1. Wash throw rugs and throw cushion covers.
  2. Shampoo carpets. Keep an eye out for carpet cleaning companies offering special deals on carpet cleaning or hire a carpet cleaner from a local supermarket. Alternatively, it can be more economical in the long term to buy a vacuum cleaner that is able to shampoo carpets as well if there are a large number of rooms to be cleaned. The cost of the cleaner will be covered with the first couple of uses, and it is also available any time that spot cleaning is required.
  3. Clean your gutters out.  Rain is going to fall no matter what you do, so you need to make sure that your gutters are cleaned out so that the water can go where it is supposed to and not end up in your flowerbed.
  4. Flip or turn mattresses. Standard mattresses can be flipped over or turned 180 degrees to help improve mattress longevity and comfort. Each action only needs to be done every 12 months, so alternate six-monthly turns and flips. Some mattresses are designed to be used with only one surface suitable for sleeping and should not be flipped. Always ensure that care is taken to prevent back strain or injury. This task is more easily and safely completed with more than one person helping. This is also a good opportunity to vacuum the mattress to reduce dust and dust mite build-up.
  5. Clean light shades and light fittings. This can often be simply done with the brush attachment on the vacuum cleaner or a long-handled feather duster.

Organizing Wardrobe


  1. Repair and clean clothing. Make any minor repairs that are needed coming into the new season. Check for any dry-clean only items that may have been worn semi-regularly during the past six months, such as jackets, formal wear, suits and so on.
  2. Clean wardrobes and sort through clothing. Are there any items that haven’t been worn over the past 12 months? If the item has been overlooked because it needs repairs or cleaning, take care of this. If it no longer fits or no longer appeals, consider donating it to a charity or otherwise disposing of it. Remove all items from shelves and the floor of the wardrobes and vacuum out thoroughly to remove dust or any pests.
  3. Check children’s shoes to ensure that they are still in good condition and fit well. Children don’t always let their parents know when shoes are starting to get too tight, and it is important for good development for children to be wearing shoes that fit well.

Home Pantry Cleaning


  1. Clean out the pantry. Remove all items and wipe over the shelves and/or draws. As items are repacked, check use-by dates and discard out of date items.
  2. Check first aid kit and family medicine cabinet. Inspect use-by dates and remove all out of date medications. Check for any regularly used medications that are likely to run out in the near future and restock.
  3. Sort through children’s toys, removing any broken or damaged toys. This is often a good opportunity to clear out small toys that seem to collect, such as those that are given with fast-food chain children’s meals.

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