Different Types of Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is one of the most attractive options available for your home. This type of flooring can create a fantastic traditional or non-traditional home decor. However, there are many different types of flooring to choose from, so picking the right kind for your home does take some effort.


Pre-finished flooring is the most common type of hardwood flooring you will see. Pre-finished, like the name implies, has already been stained, coated, and buffed out for the best look. This means that the buyer only has to go to the store and pick the color they want, then install. This is normally the cheapest way to put new flooring into your home.


This type of flooring is hardwood that is normally sawed to ¾ of an inch in thickness, and is cut from solid blocks of the wood right from the start. When dealing with this type of flooring, your choices are normally white oak, red oak, and maple, with some foreign wood types available. The foreign wood choices are going to be much more expensive, but do offer unique colors and looks. This is the most popular type of wood flooring.

Unfinished Flooring

This type of flooring is unfinished, meaning the buyer is going to have to add the stain and color they want. They are also going to have to polish and buff the wood until they reach the desired quality. This type of flooring is most often found in homes that are being built, but have no owner yet. This allows the owner to choose the color and pattern of the floor. This is also popular with people who like to take on a home improvement project.

Acrylic Impregnated

Have you ever wondered what type of hardwood flooring restaurants and business use that have high traffic? Acrylic Impregnated or other types of artificially added onto woods, are the most common for businesses. That is because the wood grain has been fused with acrylic materials, making it much harder and more durable.


This unique style of flooring is designed for wet areas and places that get high moisture. It is called engineered flooring because the grains of this wood are layered in opposite directions. There are normally 3-5 layers of wood glue together to make a plank. This wood also has a little give to it making it perfect for walking on. This is still a very durable wood, making it perfect for places where solid wood flooring cannot be installed.


Parquet flooring is unique because these pieces of wood are constructed to form some type of design. When properly installed, you will have some type of geometric design on your floor, which can add a tremendous look to your home décor.

There are a few other types of hardwood flooring available, but these are the most common types you are going to find. Choosing between these styles can be difficult, but knowing what color you want, and where the flooring is going in your home should make the decision easy.

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