How to Choose the Best Roofing And Plastic Roofing Products To Use

Your home must have durable roofing and withstand the test of time. The type of roofing material that you use will surely affect the durability quality of the roof that you will build.

From manmade or plastic roofing product to natural materials (like slate or wood), there are plenty of styles and types of roofing which you can use for your home project. Here are some details to help you choose which one will suit you best:

  1. You should know how long the type of roofing will last. Consider on how it will hold up during disasters, hurricanes and wildfire. You should also determine if the material is eco-friendly or if it can be supported by your roof framing. There are a lot of roofing materials to reckon. Before, you plunge into investing in one type, you must determine the pros and cons involved. You consider the slope of the roof and the framing because this can limit the options.
  2. One popular roofing material is asphalt shingles for homes. This is made up or fibreglass or organic fiber mat which is better for wind resistance and the blistering cold weather. Asphalt is used to coat the material along with mineral granules.  This is an eco-friendly choice because it is primarily based in petroleum. This is also recyclable. This is quite an inexpensive alternative to explore.
  3. You can make use of metal roofing which is composed of zinc, steel, and copper as well as aluminium alloy. This material might come with a paint finish or zinc coating. You can avail of this in sheets which can be installed easily with fasteners. This is also an eco-friendly roofing material because it can be recycled.
  4. The most durable manmade roofing material is plastic polymer which resembles slate or wood shakes. This material is manufactured from high-tech plastic polymer material. This will not require frequent maintenance and is very durable. On top of it, it is very eco-friendly.
  5. If you want a fire resistant roof, you should choose clay tiles. This is made from the natural clay which is fired inside a kiln. This is quite brittle and heavy, however it will surely last a long time.
  6. Concrete tiles are less expensive when you compare it with clay tiles. It is made from a mixture of sand and Portland cement. This is made from natural materials which would require more energy to manufacture.
  7. The oldest roofing material is slate. This is quite expensive and brittle. However, it is resistant to fire and wind because it is made from natural slate rock. This is very expensive and would require proficiency when installing.

These are just of the suggestions that we have for your roofing materials. Contemplate on which material to use to maximize your money’s worth.


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