home soundproofing

Soundproofing will enhance your Home Life

Unless of course, everyone in your house goes to sleep at exact time each night, no one plays the musical instruments, sings in the shower, or owns a high-quality stereo, soundproofing your home can improve your home life. Note that there are various approaches to soundproofing an each technique serve a specific noise minimization purpose. Providing basement soundproofing is a different project from keeping your bedroom insulated from children’s or guests’ bedroom.

Soundproof from the beginning

A simple way of controlling sound is by staggering the doorways to ensure that they don’t face one another. Note that if the doors are directly opposite each other in a hallway, it’s like a two-way funnel of sound that reverberates throughout the entire house. Therefore, ensuring that the doors aren’t facing each other is a great way of soundproofing your house.

Install floors and ceilings to stop the squeak

Whether you want to soundproof your second storey or your basement, old homes usually have a problem of squeaking floors. And that creepy sound of footsteps is an annoying distraction to those living in that home. Such noise can be eliminated by tearing the ceiling and wood screwing triangular wooden strips to the floor above.

Replace windows and frames

Replacing windows and frames is another great way of soundproofing your home. Keep in mind that tripled or doubled paned windows the noise that might be coming from your neighbor’s house. You should always avoid metal frames as they tend to transmit sounds faster.

vinyl frame windows

Wood and vinyl frames will help in deadening the sound. If you still have problem with sound from outside, you may consider installing external window shutters and have a piece of soundproofing matting onto the windows.

Create a design plan and make a budget

One thing every homeowner should always remember that soundproofing the entire home can be an expensive task. Unless you come with a design plan, the chances are that you will find the exercise too daunting. Experts recommend that you should plan for soundproofing your home. You can start by identifying the primary source sound. Then address the problem effectively. If you want to soundproof the entire house, you may consider starting with one room, then next, one step at a time, till you finish.


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